Take a Moment

This term our Building Resilience theme will be ‘Take a Moment’.

We all experience a range of emotions every day. There are positive moments in life that leave us experiencing emotions such as joy, gratitude, contentment, pride. Equally there are times when we face struggles, setbacks and disappointments that we can experience feelings of sadness, anger, stress and frustration. All these emotions are normal.

Through this unit the children will learn about stress. It emphasises that stress is normal and can be helpful to motivate us and enable us to meet new challenges. However, sometimes stress can feel overwhelming and we need to learn helpful ways to manage and cope when this happens.

In this unit, Skipper is stressed because he is stuck in a storm. He teaches the children that when this happens it is important to put down our anchor and take a moment to breathe. He will help them to explore unhelpful and helpful ways to manage stressful moments and better support our wellbeing.

In this unit, we are learning that:
• We experience a range of emotions every day
• Sometimes we feel stressed.
• I have ways to help me cope.

Talk it Over:
Share with your child about a time that you felt stressed and how difficult it was to think clearly in the situation. What are the things you have found that helped you to cope.

Home Activity:
Together look at the attached sheet which lists helpful activities to do when you are stressed. Help your child to create a list of their own. Together try some of the new ideas from the list. Key Book: ‘Cora’s Dragons’ by Claire Colston