At Stenhouse Primary, all teachers provide opportunities to develop children and young people’s skills for learning, life and work.  They make explicit reference to the relevant skills at the beginning of every lesson and link them to the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.  They ensure that children and young people self-evaluate their progress in terms of learning, and of skills development.  All staff take responsibility for developing the following core skills using the 4 contexts for learning – Discrete Subjects, Interdisciplinary Learning, Ethos and Wider life of the School, Personal Achievement. 

The core skills:

1. literacy 

2. numeracy 

3. health and wellbeing 

4. employability, including enterprise and creativity 

5. thinking/cognitive   

6. digital learning 


  • Pupils will have opportunities to explore the above core skills as well as other curricular areas, including Social Studies, Expressive Arts, Science, Religious and Moral Education and Technologies.  These will feature throughout the session and will support the learning journey of the class. 
  • Outdoor Learning is a big part of the curriculum where pupils learn and apply life skills. Outdoor learning connects children and young people with the natural world, with our built heritage and our culture and society, and encourages lifelong involvement and activity in Scotland’s outdoors. 
  • Pupils are involved in the direction their learning journey goes through interests, participating in class planning, informing direction of learning with support from teachers.