Click on the image below to find out more about our staff at Stenhouse Primary.

Senior management team

Head Teacher: Ms Laura Monaghan

Acting Depute Head Teacher: Mrs Marie Renwick

Acting Principal Teacher: Mrs Anna Hind

Development Officer: Mis Emma Collier

Business Manager: Miss Catriona Stewart

Office Staff

Mrs Corrine Shiels

Mrs Lorraine Henderson

Teaching staff

P1: Mrs Joanna Davies and Mrs Fiona Smith

P1/2: Mrs Beth Pringle and Mrs Katie Williamson

P2: Miss Sophie Collins

P3a: Miss Amy Thompson

P3b: Miss Karen Anderson

P4a: Miss Rebecca Cummings

P4b: Miss Emma-Jane Stewart & Ms Melrose

P5a: Miss Laura Foster

P5b: Mrs Kate Hannon

P6a: Miss Jennifer Cooper

P6b: Mr David Dunning

P7a: Mrs Catherine Barclay

P7b: Miss Laura Jones

ESB 1: Mr Graham Malcolm

ESB 2: Miss Fiona Jerath

The Den: Miss Emma Collier

Support for Learning: Miss Lisa Swan

P.E. Specialist: Mr Martyn Cheung

Support staff

Early Years Officer (Nursery): Miss E Mackay

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Janine Pennycuick

Miss Ena Paul

Mrs Christina Usher

Ms Katie Kindlon

Ms Annalise McNicol

Mrs Lynn Ellis

Mrs Amanda Milne

Mrs Isla Gillies

Ms Lesley Watson

Facilities Technician: Derek Smith