Tynecastle Opening Evening P5-P7

Open evening big invite 2017

Primary 5-7 Interscholastics Trip!

On Tuesday 30th May, some pupils from P5-7 went with Mr Glass and Mrs Menzies to the interscholastics competition. We have performed the best we have in a long time, with 8 semi-finalists and 5 finalists!

We even had a silver medal from one of our P7 boys- well done!

We were all brilliant sportsmen and behaved very well at the competition, well done everyone!


Primary 7 Bonaly Trip- JASS Award!

As part of our silver JASS Award, P7 got to go on an all day trip to Bonaly Outdoor Centre.

During the trip we got to experience a high wall climb, archery, problem solving rope courses and a crate stack (which involved building a tower of crates, climbing up them and eventually jumping off!).

We had to work together and there was a lot of trust involved- some of us had responsibility for holding the rope on the high wall climb. Melissa even tied the knot for Miss Jonesโ€™s harness!

It was great fun and we have now earned the Adventure section for our JASS.

Fairtrade UniformsFairtrade-logo

The school is now offering a Fairtrade uniform choice. All Koolskools school uniform is made with Fairtrade cotton in ethical factories and at affordable prices. Parents can buy online on the following link:


World Book Day 2017!

Stenhouse Primary celebrated World Book Day on March 2nd 2017. We all enjoyed dressing up as book characters, as well as taking part in activities such as ‘Guess the Hidden Teacher’ and 101 Reasons to Read! Some of our reasons were:

It improves your imagination (P3a)

It brings us together with others (P3b)

Some books have a message that teach you a lesson (P4b)

It’s like an adventure, you don’t know where it is going to take you (P5b)

It helps us read and write (P1a)

It is a good way to spend every day (P7)

To improve our knowledge of the world and topics we don’t know about (P4a)

It teaches us new information (P2a)

The more things you read, the more places you’ll go! (P1b)

It teaches us new vocabularly words (P6/7)

Enjoy some of our pictures!

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Tesco Bags of Help Scheme

Help Stenhouse Primary improve their courtyard by voting for us at one of the selected Tesco stores!

Flyer Tesco Voting

Primary 6 Camp- Thursday

What a fantastic last day!

Today we had a combination of archery, skiing, canoeing, hill walking and ‘survival’.

In archery we had so many bulls eyes! Group 1 worked super hard and listened extremely well. It was many people’s favourite activity. Special shout out to Amira and Daniel who had fantastic aim.

Skiing was another fun challenge. we learned how to walk in our skis and had a go at sliding down the dry ski slopes. It was hard to balance and start and stop but we kept trying. Especially Kalum B who really perservered! Erin and Naomi had super control!

Canoeing was a fantastic activity as the sun was shining over the loch and looked beautiful. We canoed with 2 tied together and also got to toast marshmallows and have hot chocolate. Mrs K was so impressed with how well we paddled against the wind. Special mention to Bethany who was so good at cheering us up and motivating us to geet through to the end!

Hill walking and survival were both in the forest! We got to build things and made dens and fires and cook on a stove. It was such a lovely day for these activities! The hill walkers saw a castle ruin and it was gorgeous!

This evening was our disco where we brought out the glow sticks and our dance moves and had a brilliant time!

We have had such a fantastic week away and our teachers are so proud of us. Our behaviour and our ‘have a go’ attitudes were outstanding. Our instructors said to our teachers that they are so proud of how resilient a group we have been. What a great adventure!

Primary 6 Camp- Wednesday

Another full day of activities for us today! The weather started out a bit windy but it was mild and dry.

We had 2 all day hill walks as well as some groups doing archery, biking, gorge walking, abseiling and tree climbing.

Archery: We had a very windy archery session with a half way break of hot chocolate and biscuits. There were two bulls eyes- well done Jason and Bethany!

Gorge walking: Our last group went in to the gorge today- a cold but exciting trip. Mrs Campbell is proud of everyone who went today.

Tree climbing: Some of us went tree climbing. We had to try and climb up a very tall tree and ring the bell- well done to Oscar, Carys, Esha and Tia who reached the top!

Abseiling: Some of us went free hand rock climbing (with no harness!) up the side of a cliff. We then had the opportunity to abseil down the cliff side. We could challenge ourselves to do a trickier one if we wanted to push ourselves and most of us did!

Hill walking: Some of us had to complete “Mission Possible” (thanks to Cole for the name!) to find a hidden hut. It was a long walk but eventually we found it and then enjoyed exploring in the surrounding woods. We were out all day and got to have lunch as well as make pineneedle tea and cooked bannock on a stove. A special mention to Andrew who showed excelletn determination in building a bench out of branches.

This evening we had a night walk to see the stars. We had to walk in the pitch black (which was very tricky over all the rocks) until we reached an opening where we could lie back and see the stars! After that, we went collecting dry wood to build a fire and sang a few songs. It was a lovely evening.

We are excited to see what the last day of activities brings- some of us can’t believe it’s almost over and wanted to stay for 2 weeks!

Check back tomorrow for more updates!


Primary 6 Camp- Tuesday

We started our first full day of activities today!

After breakfast and room inspection (where some of us got 9/10 and some of us got 2/10- oops!) we got together with our instructors to learn our day’s plan.

Some of our activities included:

Mountain biking: where we had a skill session on ramps and tracks and then cycled into the forrest on a lovely scenic track. A special mention to Luis who learned to ride a bike today. We were all VERY supportive and were so proud of him!

Gorge walking: we really enjoyed this and had to work very well as a team. We all perservered to get to the top of the waterfall. We slide down rock like a slide and swam an in ice cold jacuzzi! We were very cold by the end but we were resilient, didn’t complain at all and carried on!

Skiing: Mrs Campbell went skiing today and was so proud of the group’s ‘have a go’ attitude and determination to succeed! Brilliant work!

Archery: We had some arrow shooting today! We had 3 bulls eyes from Brendan, Mohammed and Ellie- well done!

In the evening, after dinner, we went on the night line adventure in the dark. We had helmets and blind folds and were trusting our teachers to lead us in to the woods! Once we were there we had to hold on to a rope and our partners and go around an obstacle course. Special mention to Daniel and Layla who were EXCELLENT leaders for their team.

We are proud teachers today- we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Click on the images to enlarge and check back tomorrow for more ๐Ÿ™‚

Primary 6 Camp- Monday

Lagganlia is off to a great start! We left Mr Jamieson and our grown ups at the station at 10.30am this morning and enjoyed a very sunny and scenic route up to our destination! We were very excited to see snow on the mountains! We were picked up at the station and had a mini tour on the way to Lagganlia. We saw lots of wildlife including horses, ponies, sheep, goats, geese and more!

Once we arrived we, we found out our rooms and activities groups. We met our instructors and had a tour of the camp. Then it was time to make our beds (an interesting experience for most!) and get ready for dinner time. We all enjoyed some macaroni cheese/baked potato and chocolate cake for dessert.

After dinner was our night time activity. We went on a scavenger hunt around the camp in teams. It was pitch black and we had to use our torches to help us! Some of us were CONVINCED we saw a wild bear/deer/monster wandering round the grounds! Shortly after that it was time for supper and hot chocolate and then up to our rooms to bed. We are all VERY tired and can’t wait to get started on our adventure tomorrow!

Check back for an update then!

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Primary 6 Camp

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Remembrance Day


The pupils and staff held a 1 minute silence to remember the fallen.

This plaque commemorates Corporal Thomas P Hunter who received the Victoria Cross in 1945.

He was a pupil at Stenhouse Primary and one of our School Houses is named after him.

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