Fairtrade Committee

Welcome to Stenhouse Primary School Fairtrade Committee’s page.


Stenhouse Primary are proud to announce that we now have Fairtrade cotton uniforms available to buy from the kookskools website! Click on the link below to place an order.

Kool Skool

At Stenhouse, the Fairtrade Committee is made up of pupils from P1 to P7 and is supported by Mr Malcolm and Miss Collier.

Stenhouse Primary School is a Fairtrade School and we support Fairtrade in lots of ways. Some of these are

  • We have a Fairtrade Committee, made up of pupils and teachers who meet regularly to discuss Fairtrade issues and plan events.
  • We celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.
  • Our visitors and teachers can enjoy a nice cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee in the staffroom.
  • We run a Fairtrade tuckshop.
  • We participate in lots of Fairtrade activities each year during Fairtrade Fortnight.


What has the Fairtrade Committee done this year?

  • We held a poster competition to design a banner to hang outside the school to show people around Stenhouse that we are a Fairtrade school. Councillor Fullerton came to help us unveil this.
  • During Fairtrade Fortnight we were really busy. We organised a Fairtrade Tuckshop that was very popular. Our biggest event was The Fairtrade Big Breakfast. Everybody could come and enjoy a Fairtrade breakfast with friends and family and raise money. P7’s made Fairtrade smoothies, there was a raffle and Fairtrade tuck shop. We managed to raise just under £250.


We are currently deciding what we should spend the money we have raised on. We have discussed it as a committee and one of the suggestions was that we could buy Fairtrade footballs for the school football team to play with. We will discuss this with Mrs Monaghan and see what she thinks.

Here is a link to the Fairtrade Foundation and the One World Shop if you would like to find out some more about Fairtrade and have a look at some Fairtrade things that you could buy: