English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Parents Book 

The booklet below is for parents/carers of any child or young person who has recently arrived in Scotland from another country. This booklet is to provide parents/carers with some information about the education system in Scotland. We hope you will find it useful.


The information from the booklet can be found on the webpages below in translated audio and translated booklets.   Audio version https://www.eis.org.uk/Parents-Book/Audio 

ESOL Lessons – Learning English for adults 

Do you need help to learn English? Edinburgh Council provides classes and support to learn for adults. Click the link below for information. 

English for Speakers of Other Languages classes and support – The City of Edinburgh Council 

Learning to read and write English P1-3 

The videos below are useful to everyone but are especially useful to our EAL families. 

They will help you to understand how we teach reading to younger EAL children in school. 

You can use these methods to help your child learn at home. 

How to Support your Bilingual Child – Be Bilingual 

English Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Arabic 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Bulgarian 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Chinese (Simplified) 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Latvian 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Lithuanian 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Polish 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Portuguese 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Russian 

Be Bilingual – A4 Trifold v5 Spanish 

Helping-your-child-become-bilingual Greek 

Support in schools

This is a parents guide to the support that is on offer to learners in Edinburgh schools who have English an an additional language.