Eco Committee

Welcome to Stenhouse Primary School Eco Committee’s page.

We are currently working towards our Eco Schools Green Flag Award. To find out more about this award click here:

The Eco Committee

To help us drive our Eco work forward we set up an Eco Committee which consists of representatives from P1-P7. The committee meets together with Mrs Hind every 3 weeks and then feedback what they have discussed with their class.

After completing an ‘Environmental Review’ the committee decided we would focus on the following Eco Schools topics:

  1. Global Citizenship
  2. Food and the Environment
  3. Litter and Waste
  4. Climate Action

The Sustainable Development Goals

Whilst working on our Eco projects we are also making links with the Sustainable Development Goals. The goals aim to end poverty, protect the planet and try to make sure that everyone around the world is living comfortably.

Work at Stenhouse so far…

  • The launch of new recycling bins throughout the school.
  • Recycling workshops.
  • Playground litter survey.
  • Scottish foodie learning throughout the school including One Planet Picnic.
  • P3-7 weekly lessons on The Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Clean Air Day banner competition.