Respect Yourself

People who respect themselves, like themselves. Nobody’s perfect – but learning to accept ourselves warts-and-all, identifying our strengths and looking after ourselves and our bodies increases our enjoyment of life and wellbeing.
Through this unit, we will encourage children to reflect on the uniqueness of being. We may be different to other people in some ways and similar in other ways but we also have our own special characteristics. Nobody is perfect and if we were all the
same it would be a very dull world. Nobody should feel pressure from others to be someone they are not but it is important to treat ourselves with respect and compassion.
In this unit, Skipper compares himself to others and decides he is not as good as them. Skipper learns that we all have different strengths. He encourages the children to discover their strengths and identify how they can use them more. We can all dwell too
much on our flaws or what we are not so good at but if instead we focus on what we are good at, we can use these attributes to help us in other areas.

In this unit, we will be learning that:
• There is no one quite like me.
• Everyone has different strengths.
• I treat myself with myself with respect.

Talk it Over:
Tell your child what you like about yourself. Discuss with your child, things that they like about themselves and what makes them a unique and special person.

Family Task:
Encourage your child to create a picture of them self and fill their picture with all the great things about them, their strengths and their achievements. What makes your child special to you?
Key Book: ‘Zero’ by Kathryn Otoshi