Primary school class page

This is an example class page for a primary school. Here you can include information about what each class has been doing.

Remember that unless you can commit to updating your class page regularly it is best to use general information that will be accurate for the term.

It is good to use headings to sign-post content to allow parents to check information quickly. You can create headings by highlighting the text then selecting the format from the box in the editor that says ‘Paragraph’.

You can insert images to show off work. The Gallery function is great for doing this.

Find out how to create a gallery at WordPress Support.

Be careful if you are listing teacher names here – remember you also have your staff page. It is best to have the information in one place or the other, rather than both, to make it easier to update.


What the class is doing with literacy.


What the class is doing with numeracy.

Physical education

PE work in the class

Expressive arts

What the class is doing with expressive arts.


Any projects.