Week Beginning 21st & 27th April

Please find below the Home Learning Grids for week beginning 21st & 27th April

Time Capsule Activity

The Den – Dealing with Worries


Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4 – P4a Spelling Words 27.04.20

Primary 5

P5 Home Learning Grid 27.4.20

Primary 6

Primary 7

A Story About Learning at Home for the Language Class

LC1 Home Learning Mr. Malcolm 21.4.20

LC2 Home Learning Miss Jerath – Darren

LC2 Home Learning Miss Jerath – I D R M

LC2 Home Learning Miss Jerath – Zuzanna

27-04-20 DC learning grid

27-04-20 DW Learning grid

27-04-20 ID Home grid

27-04-20 MP learning grid

27-04-20 RZ learning grid

27-04-20 ZL learning grid

P1-2 Music 21.04.20

P3-4 Music 21.04.20

P5-7 Music 21.04.20

P1-2 PE Home Learning Grid

P3-4 PE Home Learning Grid

P5-7 PE Home Learning Grid